What is Armadito Antivirus?

Armadito Antivirus is an open-source antivirus that protects your computers and servers from malware and viruses.

Armadito includes classical signature-based malware detection and provides innovative heuristic detection modules for binaries (MS-Windows and GNU/Linux) and for PDF documents.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface gives access to all Armadito’s features: on-demand scanning, real-time protection, quarantine zone, threat detection journal…

Armadito is remotely manageable for enterprises and organisations using a central administration console.

Key Features

  • Current detection modules include a signature-based module using ClamAV engine, a heuristic detection module that can identify unknown malware code and a malicious PDF document detection module
  • Multi-platform: currently supported platforms are MS-Windows (all versions from Windows 7) and GNU/Linux (from kernel version 2.6.37)
  • Free software: all codes are released under the GPL or LGPL
  • Modular architecture: detection modules are ‘plugins’ managed by Armadito’s core engine; specific or third-party detection modules can be easily developed and integrated
  • Real-time protection on MS-Windows and GNU/Linux
  • Web-based central administration console based on GLPI for log, configuration and update management

Contribute To Enhance Innovation

As Armadito is an open source antivirus project, we greatly invite developers, engineers, partners, customers or anyone eager to boost technologies to collaborate in the software evolution.
By becoming part of a Teclib’s community, you share your ideas and tips, exchange your knowledge and expertise with other members in order to fasten the development of Armadito’s solution. You can participate to the project in different ways, such as: installing Armadito antivirus, submitting bug reports, requesting new features…etc.

Enter the community, be part of a great project and contribute to enrich innovation!

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