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Due to its innovative nature, Teclib´ is always involved in projects dedicated to digital transformation and technologies of the future. We support the idea of collective contribution and the shared economy philosophy, which allows us to change the world for the better faster.

On this page you can find out about our research projects. If you are interested to join us, please get in touch.

Projects we participate in:


Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe

SATIE project will create new ‘Security Operation Centre’ philosophies for inclusion in a comprehensive airport security policy. SATIE will develop an interoperable toolkit that will help improve cyber-physical correlations, forensic investigations and dynamic impact assessment at airports.


An innovative infrastructure for optimal protection.

The objective of the MASSE project is to develop a protection infrastructure hosted within the company or organization to be protected. This project has several innovative aspects and guarantees a very rapid response to a targeted cyber attack while offering guaranteed independence from third-party publishers to users of the solution.

Our RESEARCH projects:

VDI Solution

Ravada is a project that allows users to connect to a virtual desktop. It is a VDI broker. Its back-end has been designed and implemented in order to allow future hypervisors to be added to the framework.

Open Source Antivirus

Armadito is an antivirus and anti-malware software for desktop (computers) and servers. It analyses your system, detects viruses, identify malware codes, and last but not least: it protects and strengthens your network.

Secure Operating System

Uhuru Mobile is a secure operating system for Android-based smartphones, tablets, PCs and applications.
Uhuru analyzes, controls and protects against malware and vulnerability exploits.