What is SerenIT ?

SerenIT is the cloud provider of Teclib´, our team takes care of your information system with full cost control and 5-days-a-week availability to free you from tech problems and let you re-focus on the core of your business. Your IT from A to Z  run on the cloud and on premise, our experts accompany you and offer you a turnkey and tailor-made outsource solution.

Our multi-profile experts are specialists in various technologies (Microsoft proprietary and Open Source), which allows us to bring you the right solution in the right place and correspond the right need.

Our solutions:

Limpid – desktop virtualisation offer.

Serenlink –  high speed professional fibre optic offer.

Secure Access – solution that makes remote work accessible and secure.

3 key points: Cost controlSecurityGreen IT

Our Service Catalogue


  • Internet link
  • SDSL
  • Optical fiber
  • 4G+


  • Email integration and migration (Office 365 – Zimbra)
  • On-site/hosted and cloud telephony
  • Remote work solution
  • Virtual Desktop

Premium Support

  • Managed services support
  • Consulting and audit
  • Information system architecture
  • Cloud and on-site backup solutions

An expert and available team

Our team is able to advise you on your technological choices, provide and maintain your infrastructure, offer a support team available 5 days a week to let you concentrate on your business by taking care of recurring tech tasks.

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