What is Kimios?

Kimios DMS Network is a professional distribution based on Kimios DMS Project and other open source technologies.
Kimios Web Explorer* comes with a mobile version and allows you to access Kimios features from your smartphone and from any web browser.
Kimios also allows a remote access to all DMS features: view, update, collaborative features, etc.
*included inside the Standard Kimios Bundle.
Download the Kimios Web Explorer

Kimios Explorer allows you to access all the DMS features (document and media repository) directly on your Windows desktop, and from your favourite applications, to optimize your document management.
Download the Kimios Explorer

Kimios for Office has enhanced collaborative features and simplifies the version control system. After a document is opened, it is automatically locked so other users can only access it in read-only mode in order to guarantee the document repository’s integrity.
Office plugins makes documents checking automatic without requiring any action from the user.
Download Kimios for Office

Key Features

  • Manage the complete document lifecycle, from document’s creation to archive
  • Secure the document’s update, by using the integrated versions control and checkin/ checkout features
  • Match the business needs of your organization, by providing your own metadatas sets
  • Use the business data coming from you organization information system (ERP, CRM, CMS…)
  • Customize search engine, and create custom views of your documents repository
  • Secure documents by using encrypted repositories
  • Directly index your emails and attachments
  • Fine-grained rights and role management
  • Securely share documents with your organization’s partners (share by email)
  • Access your documents from anywhere (Web, Mobile)
  • Create dedicated business processes around documents: generate from form, validate, signe, notify
  • Provide an integrated access to your users, by using the Windows integration (Kimios Explorer, Kimios Office and Kimios Windows Extension)
  • Kimios supports single-sign on, and enterprise class authentications systems (LDAP, Active Directory)

Contribute To Enhance Innovation

Kimios DMS Project is a collaborative community for knowledge sharing and partnering that oversees the fast development of Kimios Document Management System.
Anyone can participate in the project in order to improve and optimize the software at any stage, by: installing Kimios Bundle, submitting bug reports, requesting new features…etc.

Because collaborative innovation means: expertise, know-how, cost-efficiency and time saving!

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