What is Uhuru Mobile?

Uhuru Mobile is a secure and controlled operating system that protects your Android-based Smartphones and Tablets, from any malware and vulnerability exploits.

Built on a set of functionalities, such as: data encryption and multi-level device protection against physical and logical attacks.
Uhuru Mobile is a fully-controllable system; a comprehensive solution that centralizes the terminal fleet management via a web-based console (MDM).

Uhuru Mobile gives you access to a market of certified apps ready to be installed on your equipments. You can also add new apps to the market but the latter will undergo a validation and certification process before integration, to enforce security policy.

The whole solution can also be provided to OEM Partners.

Key Features

  • Application control: each app is analysed and certified before being made available to the Apps market. You have access to the Uhuru’s applications catalogue and have the possibility to add new apps (private market)
  • Kernel: mobile terminal protection against unknown or malicious code execution, and against physical access or attacks
  • System: a system integrity check is performed during the startup process. Based on dynamic and static protections
  • Communications: VoIP encryption and SMS encryption (technological Partners)
  • Deception systems for GPS location
  • Data: Encryption of user data and protection of user authentication resources (certificates)

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