Teclib’ Training Courses

Maximise your professional IT teams’ potential and improve their skills to increase your performance!

Provide your teams with all the knowledge they need to integrate, implement and adapt Teclib’ technologies.

Our Teclib’ trainers are experienced, competent and passionate experts, who have a perfect understanding of the products and solutions they are developing on a daily basis.
They regularly carry out missions as consultants (consulting and transfer of competences), which give them a precise knowledge of your needs. This dual expertise ensures quality intensive training sessions.

Some of our courses have related exams. Thus, you will initially undertake the training and take the exam on the last day.

Teclib’ offers 3 different ways to train:

  • Inter-company:
    Benefit from Teclib’ training classrooms located in one of our many offices in France and Spain. Up to 20 trainees per session.
  • Intra-company:
    Teclib’ brings its IT instructors on-site, on your premises, for private team trainings. Up to 20 trainees per session.
  • Virtual training:
    Teclib’ offers a real-time/ online training program conducted by IT instructors. This solution is more flexible and cost-effective.

2 sorts of training plans

Generic Training Courses
Generic Training Courses

Our IT professionals offer intensive training courses to help you expand your skills on Teclib’ solutions and products, or in order to get certified. Check all training available and choose the solution that better fits your needs.

Tailor-made Training Courses
Tailor-made Training Courses

Our experts adapt to your requests and conduct training courses related to the topics you want to address. Provide us with detailed information about your needs. We will send you a training plan meeting your requirements.