Take on future challenges.


We gather our resources and strengths to provide our mutual customers with, the most scalable and reliable technology!

As an open source software editor, Teclib’ works elbow to elbow with Partners to help organizations and companies of all sizes, develop, manage, grow their businesses and overcome challenges, through open source solutions.

Be innovative. Play a key role in fostering Innovation!

While our source codes are open and thus totally accessible, we decided to implement a Partnership Program for companies that would be interested in receiving a personalized customer service experience, associated with benefits and opportunities.
Our Partnership Program gives access to a portfolio of subscription-based services, letting Partners and customers receive technical support and trainings, to answer the fast evolving business’ needs.

Boost your business with enhanced resources and technologies, benefit from the expertise of the best engineers in open source communities, be connected to other Partners and customers.

Become a Partner and contribute to technology and innovation projects.

Access our Partnership Programs and choose the subscription that best fits your needs.

Access our partners’ leading-edge technologies and outstanding products, searching our Teclib’ Partners’ database.

Our PLATINUM partners

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