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Since technology is moving fast and changing our work methods constantly, Teclib’ decided to offer a broad spectrum of open source solutions able to respond actively to business demands.

Our open source software is top-rated by our users!

Our software projects

Our software are based on a secure, flexible and collaborative approach – the Open Source Technology – that streamlines and optimizes IT management processes and improves our customers and partners best practices.

GLPI is an open source IT Service Management software.

GLPI features a web-based interface that enables you to build your own database: multi-user support, multi-location use, multilingual management, etc. Its core functionalities provide Knowledge base, Inventory (manual or automatic), Software deployment, Problem, Incident, Request, Change, Release & Asset Management. ITIL compliant.

GLPI main features:

  1. Incident management
  2. Request management
  3. Problem management
  4. Change management
  5. SLA management
  6. Recurrent tickets
  7. Canned responses
  8. Ticket templates
  9. Linked projects
  10. Linked budget
  11. Linked assets
  12. Linked tickets
  13. Approvals (via email)
  14. Knowledge Base
  15. Tasks for tickets
  16. Customer satisfaction survey
  17. Dasboard
  18. Reports
  19. Forms
  20. Self-service
  21. Notifications
  22. Track time
  23. Automatic actions
  1. Native inventory
  2. Inventory (agentless)
  3. Impact analysis
  4. License management
  5. Software management
  6. Rack management
  7. Linked tickets
  8. Linked problems
  9. Linked requests
  10. Linked changes
  11. Linked incidents
  12. Linked documents
  13. Asset lifecycle
  14. Financial and administrative information
  15. Warranty information
  16. Domains
  17. Antiviruses
  18. Dashboard
  19. Reports
  20. *Create custom items (GenericObject plugin)
  21. Automatic actions
Project management
  1. Kanban
  2. GANTT
  3. Tasks tracking
  4. Linked documents
  5. Linked assets
  6. Impact analysis
  7. Knowledge Base
  8. Team management
Financial management
  1. Budget management
  2. Suppliers management
  3. Contact management
  4. Contract management
  5. License management
  6. Linked tickets
User management
  1. LDAP
  2. Oauth SSO application (Amazon/Azure/Facebook/Github/Gitlab/Google/Open ID connect)
  3. Entities
  4. Access & restrictions (rules)
  5. Self-service mode
  6. *Control user without knowing the password (“Impersonate”)
Customize GLPI
  1. Select color palette
  2. Select language
  3. Select page layout
  4. Add your logo
  5. Install plugins from Marketplace
  6. API rest

Our cloud offer: GLPI as a SaaS!

Services included:


Support is available only for paid users (not included to the free trial).


Backup is available only for paid users (not included to the free trial).


Upgrade is available only for paid users (not included to the free trial). Teclib´ maintains the latest stable version environment for all demo instances. 

Free data migration

Free data migration from on-premise to GLPI Cloud. 

Exclusive GLPI Network plugins

Exclusive GLPI Network plugins and community plugins. Check the complete list here. 

The latest GLPI version

The latest stable GLPI version. 

Try GLPI Network Cloud 45 days for free!

*45 days free trial, full features version, without support and backup.

No credit card needed, create a demo with your email only.

Trial is offered only in the Public Cloud environment.

The complete professional GLPI Network Cloud suite based on open source technologies. The platform offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet various needs and requirements.


The right solution for your needs

GLPI Community

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GLPI support on-premise

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GLPI Network Cloud

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