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After several weeks of work, Teclib’ is happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.1.2.

You can download the 9.1.2 archive on Github GLPi.

You will find below the most important changes of this minor version:

  • fix new version checking behind a proxy
  • rework WYSIWYG editor toolbar
  • add a new hook for plugins to display data inside items forms
  • fix dropdown translations
  • fix entities restrictions on knowledge base items
  • fix issues when manually adding network ports
  • various API fixes
  • fix creation of recurrent tickets
  • fix calendar and WYSIWYG editor locales
  • fix dependencies checks when not using composer

For more details, you can access the full Changelog : consult Changelog

We would like to thank all the people who regularly contribute to the evolution
and the enhancement of GLPi Project