This version is beta. You may contribute to improve the plugin before the final release, planned for the last week of January 2021.

How can you help?

  • Test the upgrade process of the plugin.
  • Test the new features, especially the new questions layout for forms.
  • Help to translate the locales in your language. Translations are stored on Transifex.

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Important note:
The growing popularity of this plugin makes it used in more complex use cases. Recent issues and feedbacks shows that two important design solutions must evolve:

  • entity restrictions in some parts of the plugin;
  • consistency checks when showing forms to requesters;
  • processing their answers
  • consistency checks when designing forms.

These enhancements will impact some complex use cases by changing the available items of dropdowns / assets when a requester fills in a form. Those changes will occur only in minor versions updates.
In other words, we recommend you to check carefully forms containing questions related to dropdowns, assets, users and groups before upgrading to version 2.11.x.

This version contains the following change:

entity of dropdowns is now relative to the form, not the user. see #2023

Major features

  • Questions are now positioned on a 4 columns grid and may have variable width
  • Service catalog may split forms and KB in 2 distinct menu entries (disabled by default)
  • Default sorting of forms (alphabetic, popularity) is now customizable (see entity > forms tab)
  • Captcha for anonymous forms (disabled by default)


  • SyncIssues automatic action is now disabled by default. Upgrading to 2.11 will disable it as well.