We are happy to announce the bugfixes release 2.12.4 of Formcreator. Read our blog post and check the video to get more info.


  • ajax calls converted into post
  • convert GET requests to post
  • redirection to wrong ticket in some cases (
  • remove compiled css
  • strict JS code triggers warnings
  • form: PHP warning when displaying form’s historical
  • form: php warning – unitialized var
  • form: run conditions for admins
  • form: store itemtype in DOM
  • formanswer: loss of answers upon valdiation
  • issue: better definition of comment search options
  • issue: better redirection
  • issue: redirection when multiple tickets
  • ldapfield: non latin char escaping
  • linker: inverted arguments in method call
  • question: empty name section unavailable
  • question: show error message on deletion failure
  • question: show error message on deletion failure
  • question: show error toast when editing a question fails
  • section: order lost after section deletion
  • targetticket: do not force request type


  • category: show parent label in back pseudo-item