Formcreator version 2.8.0

This version is a bugfix of 2.7.0. One of those fixes required a bump to 2.8.0.

It is compatible with GLPI 9.3 and 9.4.

Bug Fixes:

* checkboxesfield: handle case when one option is selected
* dropdownfield: bad subtree handling for ITIL category
* form: fix anonymous file upload
* form: import of entity and category
* formanswer: use of non-existent field for count
* glpiobject, dropdown: formanswer must display name, not the ID
* install: remove rename of the plugin from upgrade to 2.7
* install: rename of the plugin in 2.8, not 2.7
* issue: rebuild of issues table
* question, section: escaping bug on duplication
* questionrange, questionregex: bad var names
* section: escape questions to duplicate
* targetchange: add users from question of type actors
* targetchange: category not assigned
* wizard: compatibility across versions of font awesome
* rename the plugin


* glpiselect: add Project in the supported list
* issue: add qtip for ticket types