At Teclib´ we have just released Formcreator version 10.0.0-beta 1.0. If you wish to discover Formcreator plugin, please, read our blog post: 

Formcreator is also available on our GLPI Network Cloud platform. Your customers can test this platform 45 days for free:  

Features of version 2.10.0 – beta 1.0: 

  *form:* condition for “submit” button. This feature allows you to set up the rules for form´s answers fields to control the visibility of “submit” button. This feature can help to prevent the submission of incorrectly filled form.  


*targetticket:* set type for questionCurrently tickets can have 2 types: request or incident. This release allows to set this type directly from Formcreator. Before this release users had to use a ticket template and associate the template to the target ticket. 

*glpiselectfield:* access to appliances of appliances plugin. The GLPI selects field shows the items for a given type ob objects from GLPI. It now supports the Appliance objects provided by the plugin Appliance. 

*targetticket,targetchange:* assign a group from an objectThe target ticket can be assigned to group (requester, observer or assign) from an asset associated to a technician group. 

*targetticket,targetchange:* assign a group from an object. The target ticket can be assigned to group (requester, observer or assign) from an asset associated to a group. 


Download the release for TESTS and feedback: 


Please, consult the complete list of bugfixes here: