glpi 9.4.2


After several weeks, Teclib’ is happy to announce the release of GLPI 9.4.2.

This release fix several security issues that has been recently discovered. Updating is strongly recommended.

You can download the GLPI 9.4.2 archive on GitHub: download

You’ll find below the changes of this bug fixes version:

  • Security: prevent external redirections
  • Fix some performances issues
  • Fix various issues on plugins loading (cache conflict, bad locales)
  • Fix display of documents in tickets
  • Fix display of user’s pictures
  • Fix lost of some relations and sql errors when transferring items
  • Feature: add Historical tab on config page

The full changelog is available as well as another one for more details.

Unusually, we also release a 9.3.4 version with security fixes previously applied in 9.4.1 and 9.4.2. You can download the archive for this release on Github.

We would like to thank all people who contributed to this new version and all those who contributes regularly to the GLPI project.

We would like to kindly remind that Support by Teclib´ for GLPI is available.

Check the prices here: 

Best regards.