Reports are essential part of work and IT management best practices. GLPI offers a few tools to create a perfect one!

  • Built-in dashboards (available in GLPI 9.5+).

You can use built-in dashboards for Helpdesk, Asset Management or for both at the same time. You can easily add, edit, copy, delete any elements.

Use full screen mode or dark mode for presentations. Share dashboards in 1 click using the special link.

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  • Advanced Dashboards.

This plugin allows administrators to create new data providers for the GLPI dasboards. It currently permits to:

  • Create connections to external MySQL databases;
  • Write SQL queries (with cool autocompletion) and save them as a data provider for a dashboard;
  • Query GLPI database or external ones
  • Export or embed results.
  • Use saved searches in dashboards


Advanced Dashboard GLPI
Try it now on GLPI Network Cloud or buy for on-premise here. 
  • Metabase.

This plugin allows integration of GLPI with Metabase.

It currently permits to:

  • Connect to Metabase API.
  • Push database configuration or use existing configured db in Metabase.
  • Push GLPI foreign keys in Metabase datamodel
  • Push GLPI enumeration (tickets impacts/urgency/priority/types) in metabase datamodel
  • Push questions, collections and dashboards (if exists).
  • Integrate Metabase dashboards into GLPI (on Central).
  • Manage profiles (dashboards publication)
  • import existing questions/dashboards/collection from Metabase and save them as json
Try it now on GLPI Network Cloud or download for on-premise here.