IT assets management is one of the major problems every big company faces nowadays. How do they solve it?

First, let´s clarify the term “asset management”. IT assets are electronic devices (printers, mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.) company using for work. For stable work flow all these devices have to be maintained in “ready-to-use” condition, so that means that IT manager has to check warranty, system status, connection, etc. of each of them.

For small companies with limited number of devices it is possible to check them manually, but when we talk about companies with large IT infrastructure which includes dozens of devices (sometimes in different cities or even countries), manual approach is impossible.

asset management with glpi itsm software

In this case big companies often use ITSM software, which helps them to track and maintain all assets regardless of their geographical location. GLPI ITSM software provides numerous advanced features for inventory and asset management.


  • Asset inventory: computers, screens, printers, network equipments, devices and phones
  • Detailed view of assets with their connections and network ports
  • Complete history of modifications for each asset
  • Operating system management (name, version, edition, kernel, license, etc)
  • Inventory and management of installed software
  • Management of internal components
  • Asset lifecycle management (from stock to withdraw)
  • Virtualization (host to vm relation, operating system, software)

Network discovery and local inventory using FusionInventory or OCS Inventory plugins

So, who is managing more than 1.000 IT assets with GLPI?

Let’s have a look at GLPI Telemetry – resource we have created to collect the data on voluntary basis.

1.PROMA Group (

Proma is a multinational group in designing and manufacturing of metal body subassemblies, chassis systems, seat frames and operating modules of automotive vehicles.

“’We implemented the GLPI solution starting with the operation in Brazil and extending the other units of the Proma Group. With the solution’s fast location capabilities, the language barrier where we own industrial plants was not a problem. The tool assists us in an essential way in the decision making, control of the computational park and in meeting the requests of the corporation”.

Number of assets managed with GLPI: 1.700

2. University Paris Nanterre (

From its very creation in the 1960s, University Paris Nanterre has dedicated itself to being a new type of institution of higher education.

Number of assets managed with GLPI: 2.200

3. The Telecommunications Company of Cuba S.A. ( )

Telecommunications Company of Cuba SA has a mission of “Providing telecommunications services that meet the needs of customers and the population”.

Number of assets managed with GLPI: 60000

4. Auchan ( )

International retail group and multinational corporation headquartered in Croix, France. It is one of the world’s principal distribution groups (337,900 employees) with a presence in France and 15 countries. Currently GLPI is used by Auchan in Poland. What do they think about GLPI? “Awesome!”.

Number of assets managed with GLPI: 6500

5. College Montmorency ( )

Montmorency College is located in Canada and offers a wide range of pre-university and technical training programs.

Number of assets managed with GLPI: 3.000

As you can see, company above successfully using GLPI to manage more than thousand IT assets of their companies. If you want to join them, you can download the latest GLPI version here:

We have a special subscriptions created to boost your GLPI experience: