BARCELONA, June 1st 2016 – Since January 2016, IWS Consulting has been proving its high interest and implication in Teclib’s ITSM software : GLPi.
Indeed, through the integration of the solution in Italy, IWS is contributing to the fast development of the solution and the expansion of its coverage.

GLPi the IT System Management recommended by IWS Consulting

“With GLPi and thus through GLPi Network, we share the same mission: to contribute to the development and future of innovation” – says Mr. Andrea Capitani, CSO of IWS Consulting. “Indeed, we offer a technology that gives all our clients the opportunity to have a solution tailored to their specific needs. They benefit from a low-cost and open source solution, for the management of ticketing, incidents and enterprise asset management”.
Mr. Capitani concludes: “GLPi helps our clients maintaining the highest standards of reliability and professionalism”.

As M. Pascal Aubry, CEO of Teclib’ replies: “It is with great enthusiasm that we expect a year of continued growth and success. Through our Partnership, we are committed to outreach our clients’ expectations, offering flexible and personalized services, in order to help them meet their IT challenges and business objectives”.
“IWS Consulting, being part of our Partners’ Network, contributes to the professionalisation of GLPi ITSM tool and to the development and spreading of our Open Source IT Solutions.”

About Teclib’:
Teclib’s open source solutions are a mirror of the Group’s values, based on SCR, ecology, ethics and share economy. These elements represent a part of the decision process, vision and strategy related to GLPi and the other solutions (Kimios, Uhuru, Flyve, Armadito). Looking for new Partners worldwide, Teclib’ aims to make the open source solutions accessible to all.
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About IWS Consulting:
IWS Consulting is an IT Advisory Company that provides services and integrated solutions to support the strategic processes of the companies. The Excellence Grade achieved by IWS Consulting is guaranteed by the implementing rules of the activities that are based on compliance and enforcement procedures, as determined by the Company Quality System, and included in the ISO Certification System Company where IWS Consulting features.
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