We have been very busy working on integrating some great new features!

Find below the specifics of the new version for the release candidate of 9.1.

That explains why we did not have any other choice than postponing a little bit the official release of GLPi 9.1.
So, first of all, we would like to apologize for the delay, but as you may already know: “Good things come to those who wait!”

Secondly, as the features’ merge process is almost completed, it is time for us to give you some specific updates!
Find below the specifics of the new version for the release candidate of 9.1.
We plan the stable version release for mid-September 2016.

We strongly encourage you to test the RC version during summer, and to report any bugs on our Github.

Here’s the list of new features included in GLPi 9.1:

  • A full, documented and integrated REST API
  • An item lock mechanism to prevent simultaneous updates
  • SLA improvements: time to own & time to resolve, for tickets
  • More search engine meta criteria
  • A new calendar view with
  • Possibility to assign groups to tasks
  • Add a creation date for all items
  • Add a type and a location for a budget
  • License management improvements: search engine, templates, etc.
  • Timeline for tickets UI improvements
  • Decommissioning date for assets
  • Add recursivity for monitors, computers and peripherals
  • Antivirus information for computers
  • Introducing unit tests to enhance the code coverage
  • Locales updated from transifex service
  • Fix focus in modal windows of richtext input
  • A fallback to english for tinymce when a translation doesn’t exist for current language
  • The size of computer’s volumes will now be displayed most of the time using Gb and Tb units

For more details, you can access the full Changelog at: Changelog GLPi-Project.

You can also access the Milestone at Milestone GLPi.

We would like to thank all the people who regularly contribute to the evolution
and the enhancement of GLPi Project