The French newspaper, “Le Figaro” has recently published an article about a new virus that attacks Googles apps : the Gooligan .

Over one million Google accounts are currently compromised by the « Gooligan », a dangerous virus that is quite hard to detect.

The infection begins when the user downloads and installs an infected and non-certified application from a third-party’s app store. Once the application is downloaded, the attacker that injects the virus, remotely takes control of the mobile. The virus takes over Google email accounts, install applications on Google Play, and more.

The virus affects more and more mobiles everyday and spreads really fast. According to the Check Point newspaper, 13.000 new devices based on Android per day are infected per day, with the virus.



Therefore, it is necessary to remember the importance of having a highly secure operating system on a phone.

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For more information on Gooligan: consult the article of Le Figaro (in French)