Some weeks ago, we released a beta version for GLPI 10.0.0. Many of you have tested it and reported issues in this version, and we thank you for these reports.

Today, we release a new release candidate archive with a lot of additional fixes for this future version.

Consult the full changelog for a more complete list.

GLPI native inventory newsGLPI Agent v.1.1 is available (bugfixes version). Click on detailed changelog to see what has been done & download the update. 

Here is a list of major issues fixed in this new release:

  • FIX import of LDAP groups and users
  • FIX creation of local users
  • FIX php errors with Socket class
  • FIX several issues with new inventory feature
  • FIX several issues with backgrounds image of racks and their items
  • FIX many enhancements and fixes on the new UI; thanks to our users’ feedback!
  • FIX several issues on avatars, and add an option to hide initials
  • FIX objects locks release on all browsers
  • FEAT improve software architecture management
  • FEAT sofwares list can also now be filtered
  • FEAT add dedicated right for followup template
  • FEAT option added to set up timeline order
  • FEAT right panel of itil objects can be collapsed
  • FEAT the layout of itil objects is now saved in session
  • and many more!


Download the RC archive, test the migration and the new features (you may also test the existing ones) and report us the issues you encounter on the bug tracker (tag it as [beta-10.0.0]).

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