GLPI licenses management

Software license management is a modern business practice that’s becoming progressively more necessary for any organization that needs to guarantee license compliance and improve its return on investment from complex technology solutions. Up to date and reliable software licensing information is critical to any IT organization. 

License tracking can quickly become a problem and a potential source of issues except if a thoughtful software license management strategy is used to stay on top of license expirations. 

Combined with tools like FusionInventory or OCS Inventory NG, GLPI is a powerful solution for managing software and licenses. 

Knowing which programming is introduced on your system and how often a specific piece of software is installed can be a major test for any business. Controlling and dealing with the product installed in your environment is almost impossible without an automated arrangement. 

GLPI will set aside you cash by giving you command over your product resources. Consequently, find what is installed, how it is used and control usage. It can also automatically check your system for a few hundred different types of license keys. 

GLPI enables you to follow the quantity of application licenses you have allocated against your number of installations. You’ll even receive an alert if you accidentally fall out of compliance. 

All software from your Windows or Mac OS devices is gathered in only one place with comprehensive search and filtering capabilities. Browse, organize, select your software and installations, star important items, assign tags, include comments, and much more. 

Automatic inventory of installed software: 

  • Windows 
  • Mac OS X 
  • Linux and BSD 
  • UNIX (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX) 
  • Report the installation number and software version 
  • Platform installations 
  • Differential between the number of installations of a declared software license and what is actually installed. 
  • Automatic licensing of Microsoft and Adobe licenses (FusionInventory only) 


GLPI offers the ability to create software categories and assign them automatically. 

  • Rules engine for assigning categories to software 
  • Visualize all software by category 
  • Automatic possible category from the FusionInventory inventory (component, hotfix, security update, application, etc.) 

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