For its 10th anniversary Teclib Group organized the traditional Teclib Day on the 11th of July at the Paris Yacht Marina just at the bank of famous Seine river, close to the Eiffel Tower.

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This event was an opportunity to bring together all the employees of the Group’s departments:

• Serenit, Cloud & network operator

• Alternit, Integration Odoo ERP

• Buy The Way: our digital agency

• Teclib´, official GLPI editor

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The teams came from different offices (Paris, Montpellier, Nantes, Caen, Chartres) and our department Teclib´ Barcelona.

Pascal has been speaking about the first projects, success and shared some stories happened at Teclib´ over last 10 years:

– The arrival of Cyril Damas and Walid Nouh as partners, creation of the communication department leaded by Chloé Robin when we were still  a team of 6, the arrival of François Legastelois early in 2010 on our first major GLPI project.

– The work of Walid and GLPI adventure as an integrator and later as editor, and the creation of the development team currently leaded by Alexandre Delaunay.

– The construction of SerenIT’s outsourcing offer and its cloud with its network operator and SAAS offerings, including Vincent Lemoine, Benjamin Mercier and Nicolas Coudière, as well as the creation of the digital agency Buy The Way with Chloé Robin, Alexandre Fageon, Lirim Dauti.

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Pascal highlighted that nothing would have been possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of all the teams.

Teclib ‘ presented its roadmap and the future of the GLPI solution. Teclib ‘software solutions are distributed through a network of integrator partners around the world. Brazil was opened at the end of 2018 with 2 new partners and now it’s time to Russia to be on our side. The network will also expand in Africa and the Middle East thanks to our partner OPNS. Finally, our subscriptions like Zimbra, Bacula or RedHat will be redistributed in Europe by our partner

We also attended the presentation of the new JS Fuse Kimios Interface (our solution GED) by Thomas Lornet and welcome Fabien Alin work on this project.

The various R&D projects have been presented by François Dechelle, himself in charge of H2020 SATIE project with Airbus to strengthen physical security and airport data. This project is also an opportunity to allow our GLPI tool to go much further in Cyber Security and IOT aspects.

François Dechelle

Finally, François Legastelois presented the new GLPI products, including the Amazon Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, DigitalOcean Cloud and Google Cloud platform versions. He also introduced the CMDB GLPI impact analysis module with graphics of the dependency links between CIs.

Over these 10 years of structuring, TECLIB Group now has a mature offer covering most corporate IT needs: infrastructure and Cloud with SerenIT, Free Software with AlternIT, Web and E-commerce with Buy The Way.

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Add to this our own software solutions business process management and ITSM GLPI, Smartphone Android fleet and Apple iOS with Flyve MDM and documents with Kimios DMS.

We ended this day with a beautiful evening where partners, customers and friends join us to blow our 10th candle!

Happy birthday TECLIB!