BARCELONA, November 23rd, 2016 – Since July 2015, Teclib’ surrounded itself with high qualified Partners known for their expertise and know-how on Open Source ITSM GLPi solution. In one year, the open source solutions Editor has shown its desire to expand internationally through the establishment of Partnerships across the world.

Thus Teclib’ is proud to welcome six new Partners in its Expert Network around its GLPi Solution!

Teclib’ Partners Network widens in France thanks to the collaboration of the following companies:

  • POP-IT: consulting and IT services company specialized in the industrialisation of Open Source Technologies (Rhône-Alpes)
  • Planet Bourgogne: company specialized in hosting and management of outsourcing of information systems, as well as the implementation of web and mobile solutions (Bourgogne)
  • IT Gouvernance: consulting firm specialized in the governance and the organization of information systems (West France)

The Editor expands its solutions all over the world, through:

  • Inforges: – company that offers consulting services in organization and deployment of Human Resources, as well as the implementation of responsible solutions for activity management (Murcia, Southeast Spain)
  • OPNS: company specialized in the management of infrastructure, security and identification as well as in the development of IT software (Benelux)
  • OSB Technologies: company specialized in software sale and installation, sale of computer hardware and IT consulting (Ivory Coast)

We also would like to thank Infotel for the trust that they have shown Teclib’. Indeed, Infotel has just renewed its Gold Partnership for GLPi Network, and enters its second year of collaboration with the Teclib’ team.

Be a Teclib’ Partner:
*GLPi is an open source software for IT Service Management (ITSM). It allows you to create and manage the inventory of all the assets of the company from a single administrative console. GLPi brings together the experts of Teclib’ and a whole community of developers from all over the world, that contribute together to the development of the solution.
*GLPi Network is the distribution of the solution by all our Partners. It is a network of IT experts that federate the deployment and integration of the GLPi solution at an international scale.

Becoming a Partner means contributing to the development and deployment of innovative solutions.
To be a Partner is to have access to a large number of advantages in order to optimize your profits, to have a privileged access to the technical development team, to expand and consolidate your customers’ network, and many other benefits.

Consult the list of our Partners: HERE

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