Teclib’ will attend the FIC – International Cybersecurity Forum – on the 24th & 25th of January 2017 in Lille, France.

The FIC gathers experts and developers to exchange and discuss around cybersecurity issues and to offer innovative and efficient solutions adapted to a more digital world.
On this occasion, Teclib’ will present its Mobile Security Suite that includes “Uhuru Mobile and Flyve MDM”.

Uhuru Mobile is a secure operating system based on Android that ensures a complete security for companies or organisations through many features such as: a data encryption system, a multi-level protection system against physical attacks, and a deception system for GPS location, amongst other functionalities.
Finally, to ensure a complete security, Uhuru Market offers a certified and ready-to-install applications’ store.

Flyve MDM is an open source mobile device management solution. The app can be fully integrated in Uhuru Mobile or can also be installed independently on any 4.4+ Android devices. Flyve remotely manages the entire mobile fleet of an organization, through a dedicated centralised web console.

Come and meet us at the FIC, in pavilion B20!
We also invite you to make an appointment directly, by filling out the CONTACT form.

For more information on our products, consult our websites: Flyve MDM and Uhuru Mobile.

For more information about the FIC: consult the official website.