PONTEVEDRA, November 11th, 2016GLPi is an open source information technology service management (ITSM) solution edited by Teclib’.

The software allows the inventory of the entire company’s resources to be registered and managed and also includes a platform to look after technical support requests.

TICgal, a company from Pontevedra (Galicia), becomes official partner of Teclib’ in Spain for the enhancement and promotion of GLPi, an open source ITSM tool, used by many international companies for automatization and structuring of IT services processes. GLPi also includes a platform to register and look after the technical support requests.

This open source ITSM is a recommended tool for administrators of ICT technical support systems, that offers a vast range of computer functionalities, translated into 22 languages. The tool is aimed particularly at companies with large ICT infrastructures who wish to have all their equipment inventoried.

The partnership gives access to a functional GLPi expertise and support from TICgal, as well as to a rich experience in R+D from Teclib’, in order to meet the challenges of the customers, offer them the best practices and ensures a high quality of services.

Teclib’: GLPi Network solution

The GLPi project community was created in 2003 and, gradually, created a network of members around the solution, that were in charge of promoting its implementation and guaranteeing its evolution. In 2009, Teclib’ – Editor of open source solutions that offers completely integrated technology packages- became a key agent of the project, as it was involved in the integration and implementation of new functionalities for the software.

Therefore, since 2015, Teclib’ is the Editor of the GLPi solution and is responsible for guaranteeing the R+D+I of the software. Thus, since GLPi has been built, more than 80 updates have been integrated, and since last September 2016, the GLPi 9.1 version has been released and is in force.

Many companies, public entities and organisations from all over the world have this open source code integrated into the management of their information systems. Among them for example, the Department of Education of the Government of Extremadura; the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico or the Ministry of Home Affairs in France.

TICgal: computer solutions and services

TICgal is an enterprising project managed by Oscar Beiro, which has its headquarters in Pontevedra. The company became a GLPi Network Partner in Spain, in order to promote and improve the GLPi software. Actually, TICgal has been awarded with the “Silver Partner” stamp from Teclib’.

TICgal offers a large panel of services and computer solutions, both open source as well as their own, to their customers. Since 2008, the members of TICgal team have been working with GLPi and focus their know-how around the software, to offer their experience and knowledge to organisations that are interested in having this open source solution to manage their ICT systems.

TICgal has carried out projects for various customers in this area, some of them even located beyond spanish borders. In this way, for example, it has been responsible for deploying GLPi’s software in Allnet, a multi-national company with a presence in Chile and Peru – specialised in the provision of outsourcing services for printing, photocopying and document management.

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