Coter Numerique


Digital technology is a huge opportunity for all our territories, we have to use to modernize our approach and allow all citizens to benefit from our more innovative and more efficient public services.    

The digital impact on the territorial development depends on how local authorities will deploy smart solutions to meet the expectations of businesses, citizens and people on the move. 


“Smart City” is the main subject of the Congress 2019  and numerous publications within the last 10 years. There is no unique way of “Smart City” or “Smart Territory”, but the coaction of all the activities and initiatives, which can be described as sustainable, inclusive, resilient, attractive, effective.  

Teclib´ will participate in the Congress with its Gold partner StarXpert. The CEO of Teclib´ Pascal Aubry will talk about the new initiative of GLPI – Green IT – and will share the roadmap of the project.  

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